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Zeeland, MI 49464

Nov 2009/Dec 2009/Jan 2010

Articles Include:
• New Hardware for the Holidays
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: iMovie '09
• Five Tips for Reading Mac Security Stories
• ScreenFlow: Screencasting on Steroids
• The Art of iPhone Photography
• Liz Castro's iPhoto Book Themes Site
• Dropbox: A Collaborator's Dream
• Path Finder 5 Beats the Finder's Pants Off
• Product Review: iWeb '09

newsletter_09_11.pdf 3.8MB

Aug 2009/Sept 2009/Oct 2009

Articles Include:
• WWDC Announcements Whet Anticipation
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: iPhoto '09
• Securing Your Disks with PGP Whole Disk Encryption
• ScreenFlow: Screencasting on Steroids
• Growl Offers System-Wide Notifications
• Product Review:iDVD '09

newsletter_09_08.pdf 4.1MB

May 2009/Jun 2009/Jul 2009

Articles Include:
• Mega-Mac Announcements
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: MacOS X 10.5 "Leopard"
• iPhone Security Tips
• Help! IÕm Being Held Captive, and All I Have Is a Wi-Fi Network!
• Peering Inside a Mobile Phone Network
• AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule: Like Two Base Stations in One
• 3rd Generation iPod shuffle Shrinks, Learns to Talk
• Product Review: Tech Tool Pro 4.6

newsletter_09_05.pdf 3.6MB

Feb 2009/Mar 2009/Apr 2009

Articles Include:
• Phil-note Marks Apple's Last Macworld Expo
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Photoshop Elements 6
• Should Mac Users Run Antivirus Software?
• Blu-ray Wins High-Definition Disc Format Battle
• Digital Rights Misery: When Technology Is Designed to Fail
• MacWorld Best of Show
• Product Review: Audio Hijack Pro

newsletter_09_02.pdf 3.2MB

Nov 2008/Dec 2008/Jan 2009

Articles Include:
• Apple Refreshes Laptops for Holidy Buyers
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Spaces: A First (and Very Happy) Look
• Apple Firewall Takes One Step Forward Three Steps Back
• Spotlight Strikes Back: In Leopard, It Works Great
• Product Review: Pages '08

newsletter_11_08.pdf 2.6MB

Aug/Sept/Oct 2008

Articles Include:
• iPhone 3G the Talk of WWDC 2008
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Retrospect Desktop 6.1
• How Leopard Will Improve Your Security
• Leopard Simplifies File Sharing
• Open Source Mac Gaming: 10 Free Games Reviewed
• Punching a Hole for Back to My Mac

newsletter_08_08.pdf 2.7MB

May/June/July 2008

Articles Include:
• Apple Release Focuses on Pro Photographers
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• WMV Studio Pro HD
• Cook from Your Mac: 10 Recipe Tools Compared
• iPhone the Missing Manual

newsletter_08_05.pdf 3.3MB

February/March/April 2008

Articles Include:
• Something is in the Air at MacWorld SF 2008
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers
• MacWorld SF 2008 Best of Show
• Sidejack Attack Jimmies Open Gmail, Other Services
• iToner Makes iPhone Ringtones Easy
• More on Apple/EMI DRM-Free Music
• Freecycle: Disposing of Good Old Stuff

newsletter_08_02.pdf 2.8MB

November 2007/December 2007/January 2008

Articles Include:
• Apple Opens Flood Gates on Fall Releases
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture 1.5
• Securing Communications with SSL/TLS: A High-Level Overview
• Scroll Wheel Tips
• IPassword Eases Password Pain
• New iMacs Debut and Mac Mini Sees a Refresh
• iWork '08 by the Numbers
• .Mac Gets an Upgrade

newsletter_07_11.pdf 3.4MB

August/September/October 2007

Articles Include:
• WWDC 2007: A Leopards Tale
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review RETROSPECT Desktop 6.1
• Step on a WEP Crack, Break Your Network's Back
• Google Desktop Comes to the Mac
• Enhance iChat with Chax
• Apple and EMI Offer DRM-Free Music via iTunes
• iConcertCal: Your Gig-Going Pal

newsletter_07_08.pdf 2.0MB

May/June/July 2007

Articles Include:
• Final Cut Pro Studio NAB's Spotlight at Pro Video Expo
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: WMV Studio Pro HD
• Computer Security: Who's Responsible?
• Build Your Own 23-inch MacBook
• Amadeus Pro: The Classic Continues
• Down the Gopher Hole
• Final Cut Server
• Add a DJ to iTunes with SpotDJ

newsletter_07_05.pdf 3.3MB

February/March/April 2007

Articles Include:
• I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for iPhone
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Revolution in the Valley The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac Was Made
• Zune Doom
• Connect the Dots with OmniGraffle
• MacWorld Best of Show Winners
• ColorIt! Carbonized Crudely
• Tools We Use: DropCopy
• TypeTester Compares Web Type Faces
• Apple TV: Apple Enters the Living Room

newsletter_07_02.pdf 3.6MB

November 2006/December 2006/January 2007

Articles Include:
• Apple Makes a Move for the Living Room
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: iMac Core2Duo
• Understanding Mac OS X's Login Passwords
• Peering into the Future of the Infosphere
• StuffIt Goes to 11

newsletter_06_11.pdf 1.7MB

August/September/October 2006

Articles Include:
• WWDC 2006: New Cat on the Prowl
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: BBEdit 8.6
• Avoid the Most Common Mac OS X Font Mistakes
• Unintelligible Garbage is Your Friend
• iWeb Takes On the Competition
• Photomatix: A Virtual Magic Wand

newsletter_06_08.pdf 2.4MB

May/June/July 2006

Articles Include:
• Running Windows on your Mac Easier Than Ever
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Keynote
• Of Files, Forks, and FUD
• WinOnMac Smackdown: Dual Boot vs. Vitalization
• Are Input Managers the Work of the Devil?
• Windows Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

newsletter_06_05.pdf 2.3MB

February/March/April 2006

Articles Include:
• MacWorld Full of Announcements
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: iWork '06 (Part 1)
• Fixing Snaps in a Snap
• P2P Takes a Licking but Keeps on Ticking
• MacWorld Best of Show '06
• ShowMacster Improves iChat Video
• iCamShare ImageTricks Top Photo Booth

newsletter_06_02.pdf 3.6MB

November 2005/December 2005/January 2006

Articles Include:
• Apple Unleashes an Onslaught of October Announcements
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Take Control eBooks
• Reality and Digital Pictures
• For Your Eyes Only: Virtual Private Networks
• Cleaning House in iTunes
• Why DRM Offends the Sensibilities
• Specials and Deals

newsletter_05_11.pdf 3.0MB

August/September/October 2005

Articles Include:
• Jobs Drops a Bombshell at WWDC
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Final Cut Express HD
• How to Buy a Digital Camera
• Podcasting: the People’s Radio
• Specials and Deals

newsletter_05_08.pdf 3.3MB

April/May/June 2005

Articles Include:
• Adobe Takes Wraps Off of New Creative Suite
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Sticky Brain 2.0.2
• Sense & Sensors in Digital Photography
• Choosing Backup Software
• Tips and Tricks for Recording with GarageBand
• Specials and Deals

newsletter_05_04.pdf 2.2MB

February/March 2005

Articles Include:
• MacWorld San Francisco 2005
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Photoshop CS
• Colour & Computers
• Major ISP’s Coordinate Spam, Spoofing Policies
• MacWorld San Fran 2005 Best of Show
• Specials & Deals

newsletter_05_02.pdf 3.9MB

December 2004/January 2005

Articles Include:
• Apple Unveils iPod Photo & U2 iPod
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review:QuicKeys X2
• Working with Outgoing Attachments in Apple Mail
• iPod Crossword Puzzle
• The Simple Brilliance of Webstractor
• Editing Photographs for the Perfectionist
• Specials & Deals

newsletter_04_12.pdf 1.5MB

October/November 2004

Articles Include:
• Bonjour iMac G5
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Airport Express
• iMovie 4 in the Viewfinder
• Buying a Laptop Bag
• Product Review: Stuffit Deluxe 8
• Getting to Know Apple Mail’s Spam Filter
• Specials & Deals

newsletter_04_10.pdf 2.1MB

August/September 2004

Articles Include:
• Apple Showcases Tiger at WWDC
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review:Mac OS X, 10.3
• Evaluating Wireless Security Needs: The Three L’s
• Sharing and Accessing the iDisk Public Folder
• Product Review: Soundtrack 1.0.1
• Sender Policy Framework: SPF Protection for Email
• Specials and Deals

newsletter_04_08.pdf 2.6MB

June/July 2004

Articles Include:
• Apple NABS Video Pro's Attention
• GRAMUG Meeting Highlights
• Product Review: Keynote 1.x
• Music to Your Ears:2003
• Can CAN-SPAM Can Spam?
• Product Review: iPod the Missing Manual
• MacPAD: The Future of Mac Software Updates
• Specials and Deals

newsletter_04_06.pdf 2.8MB

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