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What You Get

Instant Music device Roxioģ CD Spin Doctorģ 2 6 ft. USB 2.0 cable 6 ft. RCA audio (L/R) connection cable with turntable grounding wire 3.5 mm Stereo to RCA Adapter Quick Guide

System Requirements

Power Macintosh G3 or later (G4 recommended) Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) or Tiger QuickTime 6 or later CD burner - for creating MP3 and audio CDs Available USB port iTunes 4.6 or later Audio Pre-Amplifier may be required for older turntable devices

Instant Music for Mac

By Howard Stob

I love my IPod. All my CDís are on it, categorized and lots of playlists for every type of music I can think of. Then I thought about all my LPís boxed up in the closet. A lot of this music never made it to CDís, or I didnít want to spend all the money for them. Whatís an easy way to turn the analog LPís into digital CDís?

I won a program called Instant Music for MAC version 1.2. from my local Mac User group. It contains Roxio CD Spin Doctor 2 (developed with Sonic by deepseasoftware.com.) Would this be an answer to my Ďproblemí?

I opened the package, hooked up the little box to my computer with a supplied USB cable and my turntable with supplied RCA plugs.

After opening the application, a window gives me some options:

  • Import Audio into CD Spin Doctor with a new recording,
  • Opening a previous audio file
  • or Open a recent audio file
I chose new recording. Then more choices:
  • Automatically stop recording after designated minutes
  • Play through speakers.
  • Input settings
  • Built in audio
  • USB audio
  • Recording quality
  • Voice
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Custom
  • Recording information
  • Size and time
I got the old LP ready, selected the side, lowered the needle, and did a practice run to verify the balance of right and left inputs. Spin Doctor gives a very good visual of this balance. I clicked the Ready to Record button in Spin Doctor on my computer and sat back.

I listened to the whole side of the LP, reliving some very good times. I clicked the stop recording button at the end. (There is also a pause feature.) Now comes the fun part before the analog is changed into digital: editing with lots of choices. I can auto-define all the tracks and give each track a name. After that's done, I can send all this to ITunes with the artist name, album title, and a choice of encoding as AAC or MP3.

Other editing choices allow you to:

  • Save as (not in your ITunes)
  • Sync start time with previous tracks
  • Sync stop time with previous tracks.
When I clicked the ITunes button, it opens and the music is digitized. Each track was entered by artist and album, but untitled tracks. So > Get info and I entered the track names, numbers, and genre.

My LPís (for the most part) are now digitized and on my IPod. Would I recommend this product? You bet. Out of the box ease, simple directions, fantastic recording, good exporting choices. Of 5 stars, I rate it a high 4 and a half. I havenít heard of any easier product to do the work that this one did. Of course itís a Mac product...

Posted: Sunday, July 16th, 2006

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